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Membership Benefits
-Community service
-Personal growth and development
-Fellowship and friendships


At our club meetings we grow by working together toward common goals. Our members are taught leadership skills and techniques that help them in all aspects of their lives. Camaraderie is an important benefit of belonging to a federated club. We share ideas and make friends as we make a difference in our communities. 


Responsibilities of Membership
-Attend regular club meetings.
-Participate in our community service projects and fund raising events.
-Pay club dues ($50 annually)
-Work to increase the impact of our club by inviting others to attend meetings and to join our membership.


General Meetings
At our club meeting we conduct the business of the club, provide interesting and informative programs for the members to promote fellowship and friendship among our members. The SBJWC meets at 7pm the Tuesday before the last Wednesday of each month.  

Our meeting location is: Torrance Woman's Club 1422 Engracia Avenue, Torrance 90501

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